How To Order


We make Wedding, Birthday, Celebration, Individual Cakes and Treats to order!

Our Minimum order is €60 for one of a kind bespoke beautiful cakes and treats!

To Order get in touch by email to and send us on a few details;

1. Date:  Let us know when you need your order ready looking and tasting great!

2. Size:  How many people will you be feeding?

3. Flavour: What would you like your cake/cakes to taste like?

4. Look: Is there a style of cake that you like in particular? Nude, Frosted, Sparkling, Floral, Nutty etc!

Check out my Instagram @delicious_circle_baking or

Pinterest for a bit of inspiration.

Not sure what you’re after? Don’t worry! I’m here to help. Give me a shout anyhow and I’ll work with you to figure it out!